Red Bull Air Race GmbH Confirms 2014 Return


After a silence that would topple any Guinness World Record Red Bull Air Race GmbH, the parent body that runs the air race, released a statement. The statement confirmed the suspicions of this website that the air race would skip 2013 to prepare for a fixed calendar season in 2014.

The statement read:

There has been a long period of not releasing any information, which is in compliance to our policy to only issue tangible information. However, we’d like to inform fans, sport enthusiasts and media now that the Red Bull Air Race World Championship is looking into a potential return in 2014.

A core team is currently working intensively on securing host city contracts that will guarantee a fixed race calendar. Information on a potential race season in 2014, a revamped concept and further details on the changes concerning our aerosport will be released in the future.

Time is flying and it may still seem a long way to go until we all hear “Smoke On” from the loudspeakers again. In reality, a very long period of time is needed to turn this project into a stable and economically viable sport.

We’d kindly ask all the Red Bull Air Race fans to understand that until key developments have been made in the project, we are not in a position to comment on or answer any queries.

We thank you very much for your understanding.

The statement is welcomed with open arms by Red Bull Air Races fans and this website as it proves that there is a tangible light at the end of this recess tunnel.

Matt Hall earlier this month relayed the news that the series would not be held in 2013 and mirrored Dietrich Mateschitz interviews on the subject. However this website has shown that already talks have been held in Mumbai to host a stage of the fixed race calendar. Only this week in Malaysia, a memorandum of understanding was signed to hold the air race in Putrajaya in 2014.

So with preparations in place to hold around ten stages of the series, it is also exciting to see Windsor, Ontario and Victoria state, Australia putting in bids to hold stages of the coming World Championships.

Finally with speculation that up to twenty four pilots could be in the running for 2014, it is also excellent to see that Nigel Lamb has confirmed that he will return to the series.

2012 and 2013 will see the excitement mount as preparations are made for the return of the most thrilling motor sport, all of which will be covered here!

On behalf of Red Bull Air Race fans we say, Smoke On 2014!

4 thoughts on “Red Bull Air Race GmbH Confirms 2014 Return

  1. The Red Bull Air Race is opening in 2014? YES!!! 24 pilots from 20 countries will compete in 10 race locations on the fixed race calendar for 2014. Gone are Kirby Chambliss, Hannes Arch, Alex Maclean and Nigel Lamb due to Dismissal / Deceased / Quit Under Fire. In are Francois Le Vot, Sami Kontio, Adilson Kindlemann and Phillip Steinbach. Newcomer Kathel Boulanger is the female pilot. Micheal Golan and Nigel Hopkins are the newcomers. Smoke On in 2014!

    • Why are Kirby, Hannes, and Nigel no longer competing? Im obviously aware why Alex Maclean is not

  2. All of them took part in training in Slovenia so I’d ignore this comment as it appears to be false.


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